Tool Calibrations

WHEN NO ONE COULD… ISC DELIVERED INDUSTRY: OIL & GAS EQUIPMENT USED: Dyna-marq Services Customers know that when they need their equipment calibrated and done quickly ISC is the first one they call. Our Dyna-Marq Services Division received a phone call from a prospect one Friday afternoon stating that they received our phone number from… Continue reading Tool Calibrations

Oil & Gas – LNG

LNG PLANTS – TIME IS MONEY INDUSTRY: OIL & GAS – LNG EQUIPMENT USED: Cardinal’s Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale, Satilite Kiosik & More When our customers that focus on the oil and gas markets expand their business they know that ISC will be right beside them making their expansion go smoothly. Equipping LNG plants is… Continue reading Oil & Gas – LNG


SAVING OUR CUSTOMERS MONEY INDUSTRY: RECYCLING EQUIPMENT USED: Cardinal’s Harvester Truck Scale With Cardinal 225 Indicator One of our oldest customers called us one day and said that they thought they were losing money on recyclable materials they collected from the citizens of their town. They needed a solution for this issue but at the… Continue reading Recycling


HAZARDOUS AREA WEIGHING INDUSTRY: CHEMICAL PROCESSING EQUIPMENT USED: Cardinal’s Hydraulic Truck Scale Paired With the Ican & Isite The Perfect combination!!!!! In the chemical processing industry, capturing a weight can be challenging. Many areas of their plant are classified as hazardous/explosion. Our customer’s plant ran 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week and could… Continue reading Chemical


HELPING THE GRAND PARKWAY STAY ON SCHEDULE INDUSTRY: CONSTRUCTION / TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT USED: Cardinal’s Armor Portable Truck Scales Houston, TX is a city with tremendous growth potential. In Houston we have a wide variety of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Construction, and Manufacturing. This great city has become a place where fortune 500 companies… Continue reading Construction


WEIGHING AFTER HOURS INDUSTRY: LUMBER EQUIPMENT USED: Cardinal’s Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale This lumber company’s business has been growing at a rapid rate. They were looking to replace their old mechanical truck scale with something more durable. They also wanted a powerful software to keep traffic moving over the scale by providing fast and accurate… Continue reading Lumber


REDUCING ERRORS & GAINING ACCURACY INDUSTRY: STEEL EQUIPMENT USED: Cambridge Coil Scale With Cardinal’s 210fe & Pc Companion Software This particular customer was having issues with their floor scale being damaged on a regular basis. They were looking for a scale that would hold up to the type of product being weighed. After Industrial Scale… Continue reading STEEL


PRECISION ON A LARGE SCALE INDUSTRY: Fasteners for the Oil and Gas Industry EQUIPMENT USED: Rice Lake’s Counting Scales, Weighvault for Counterpart Our customer could not find a counting scale and software system that would meet their needs. They were looking for a comprehensive software package that stores and manages data on their network. Their… Continue reading Fastners