EQUIPMENT USED: Cambridge Coil Scale With Cardinal’s 210fe & Pc Companion Software

This particular customer was having issues with their floor scale being damaged on a regular basis. They were looking for a scale that would hold up to the type of product being weighed.

After Industrial Scale & Measurement made a site visit to learn their process, we discovered the issues was the type of scale being used and how their steel was being applied to capture a weight. This steel company was weighing extremely heavy forged steel. They were applying a very heavy load on a small portion of the scale. By repeating this same process over and over, the life of the scale will diminish.

Industrial Scale & Measurement proposed a Cambridge Coil Scale with Cardinal’s 210FE indicator. The coil scale is constructed in a way that can handle heavy concentrated loads. By tying in Cardinal’s 210FE indicator, we were able to combine an indicator and remote display into one unit. As an option, the customer decided to include Cardinal’s USBA option. This allow our customer to place a USB drive directly into the 210FE indicator. At the end of each day, the manager grab the USB drive from the indicator and inserted it into his laptop. He was able to download the different transactions onto Cardinal’s free software, PC Companion.

Being able to record every transaction onto software, this reduce the margin of error typically found with printed tickets. Also, they have a scale that will outlast their previous one.

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