EQUIPMENT USED: Cardinal’s Harvester Truck Scale With Cardinal 225 Indicator

One of our oldest customers called us one day and said that they thought they were losing money on recyclable materials they collected from the citizens of their town. They needed a solution for this issue but at the same time were on a tight budget restraint.

“NO PROBLEM” we answered, “we have the solution for you.” After the customer was shocked how affordable the price was they quickly gave us the order. We installed a Cardinal Harvester Precast Concrete Deck Truck Scale which included a Cardinal 225 Indicator and Cardinal CTP-1 Ticket Printer.

Cardinal’s design makes it a quick and easy installation process. The customer was soon able to keep track of exactly what type and how much material they took in. The next comment we heard was that the scale will pay for itself within four months!

Cardinal Harvester Truck Scale = Saving Customers Money

Los Angeles

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