INDUSTRY: Fasteners for the Oil and Gas Industry

EQUIPMENT USED: Rice Lake’s Counting Scales, Weighvault for Counterpart

Our customer could not find a counting scale and software system that would meet their needs. They were looking for a comprehensive software package that stores and manages data on their network. Their search continued for months until Industrial Scale & Measurement proposed a solution.

Industrial Scale & Measurement proposed a high precision two scale counting systems with barcode and printing capabilities. With the help of Rice Lake, they were able to accurately store and recall parts with Average Piece Weights. By trusting in Industrial Scale & Measurement expertise, they were able to increase productivity and decrease labor hours by streamlining the entire process. At any point throughout the day, a report can be generated giving an accurate inventory list.

Once inventory was received, those items were quickly inputted into the WeighVault software. The inventory was tracked through the entire process until those items shipped. After the items shipped to their end user, the stock was deducted from inventory.

Having a complete counting scale and software package can increase your bottom line!!

Los Angeles

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