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EQUIPMENT USED: Cardinal’s Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale, Satilite Kiosik & More

When our customers that focus on the oil and gas markets expand their business they know that ISC will be right beside them making their expansion go smoothly. Equipping LNG plants is nothing new with Industrial Scale & Measurement so when our customer needed to get one running we had the perfect solution. In the Oil and Gas Industry dependability is key to their success. Our customer needed to weigh their raw product coming into the plant allowing their truck drivers to stay in their vehicles while at the same time keeping inventory of all their products. ISC installed a Cardinal Hydraulic Guardian Truck Scale, Satilite Unmanned Kiosk, SB500 Remote Scoreboard, ICan Diagnostic System, and an intuit inventory program, the Cardinal WinVRS.

The Cardinal Hydraulic Guardian Truck Scale is hands down the most dependable truck scale on the market which is immune to lightning strikes, water damage, and cable issues. Those advantages equal to dependability. Cardinal’s ICan and ISite diagnostic system was also installed on this truck scale which allows quick service diagnostics either on-site or off-site anywhere in the world. Time is money in the Oil & Gas Industry so a kiosk and SB500 scoreboard was installed next to the scale to get trucks in and out quickly. While the trucks are coming in/out our customer only needs one operator sitting in an office pressing a few key strokes to have the ability to create detailed reports from the WinVRS system.

Our Customers demand dependability and ISC Delivers!

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