Advanced Weighing & Measurement Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Innovative Equipment for Safety and Precision

At Industrial Scale & Measurement, we specialize in offering comprehensive weighing and measurement solutions tailored for the chemical and petrochemical industries. With close to 70 years of experience, our skilled calibration technicians and product specialists are equipped to meet your unique needs.

Range of Specialized Equipment

We provide a vast array of equipment essential for the chemical industry, including truck scales, tank systems, hopper scales, floor scales, drum fillers, laboratory balances, and high precision instruments. Our offerings extend beyond supply; we also specialize in calibration and servicing to ensure your operations run smoothly and safely.

Safety as a Foremost Concern

Understanding the critical importance of safety in the chemical industry, ISM offers state-of-the-art weighing systems and measurement equipment designed to minimize risks like spillage or accidents due to improper mixing. Our high-quality equipment ensures the safety of both your team and your customers.

Expert Team Committed to Your Safety

Our team, comprising state-licensed technicians, is rigorously trained in equipment handling and safety protocols. We are associated with numerous safety councils and hold memberships in ISNetworld, PICS, and DISA, demonstrating our commitment to upholding the highest safety standards.

Customized Solutions for Hazardous Environments

ISM is your go-to source for intrinsically safe scales and explosion-proof enclosures, catering to the specific requirements of the chemical industry. We offer both sales and rental options for equipment rated for Class 1 Div 1 environments, ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations.

Preventative Maintenance and Expert Guidance

Our service team is dedicated to providing insightful advice on scheduled preventative maintenance and other practices to enhance the longevity and performance of your equipment. We are committed to not just supplying tools but also ensuring their enduring efficiency and safety in your operations.

Connect with ISM Specialists

Reach out to an ISM product specialist today to explore how we can assist in equipping your chemical industry operations with top-tier scales and measurement solutions, tailored to meet all your specific requirements.


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