Force calibration

At Industrial Scale & Measurement (ISM), we’re proud to be a premier provider of force calibration services. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability is evident in every calibration we perform, ensuring your force measurement devices deliver consistent and precise performance. Trust us to keep your equipment in peak condition with our comprehensive calibration services.

We are your precision partner in force calibration, ensuring the strength of your industry with our knowledgeable touch. Trust us here at Industrial Scale & Measurement to help you fine-tune your power because we’re not simply measuring force – we’re boosting your potential.

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Expert Calibration for a Range of Devices


Force Gauge Calibration

Including tension and compression testing.


Dynamometer Calibration

Ensuring precise measurement capabilities.


Load Cell Calibration

With tension and compression capabilities.


Our Calibration Process

We perform force calibration across a broad range, from 0 to over 500,000 LBF.


Accredited and Standards-Compliant Calibration

Our calibration services adhere to ASTM E4 and other requested standards, and are A2LA accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. We guarantee NIST traceable results, giving you confidence in the precision of your equipment.


Comprehensive Reporting

Every calibration service concludes with a detailed Certificate of Calibration. This report includes as found and as left conditions, adjustments, repairs, and other essential data, ensuring complete transparency and traceability.


Speedy Turnaround and Full-Service Lab

We understand the urgency of your calibration needs. That’s why we offer expedited order processing for faster results than our standard five-business-day turnaround. Our full-service lab offers an extensive list of services, making us your one-stop solution for all calibration requirements.

The Importance of Force Calibration

The accuracy of industrial scales relies heavily on force calibration as the main technique of measurement. It is the process of fine-tuning and validating the accuracy of weighing systems by comparing their measurements to recognized standards. By operating in this manner, we at Industrial Scale & Measurement make certain that the results that your weighing systems produce are precise as well as trustworthy on a constant basis.

So why is it really necessary to get this calibration right? Well, the implications of inaccurate measurements are significant. They can lead to a reduction in the quality of the product, challenges in compliance with regulations, and financial losses. At Industrial Scale & Measurement, we have an understanding of how imperative it is to steer clear of these potential dangers. Our force calibration services have been designed in a way to ensure that your business continues to prosper and that your operations continue to run without a single issue.

Industrial Scale & Measurement

Force Calibration Expertise at Industrial Scale & Measurement

Whether you need a periodic force calibration to maintain operational excellence or legal-for-trade calibration for precise transactions, Industrial Scale & Measurement is here. We're more than happy to fulfill your needs as your reliable partner. Our goal is to provide you with weighing systems that comply with the highest standards of accuracy and compliance. These systems will be custom-tailored to meet the required specifications set by your industry.


Calibration Frequency Tailored to Your Needs

At Industrial Scale & Measurement, we understand that the frequency of force calibration can change drastically based on three things: your specific industry, scale type, and usage patterns. That’s why our experienced team will work closely with you in order to figure out the most appropriate calibration schedule. Normally, it’s recommended to calibrate annually, but there are cases where industries have strict regulatory requirements that would need more frequent calibrations. And we’re here for that, too, so you can make sure all necessary compliance standards are met.


Legal-for-Trade Calibration for Precise Transactions

If your business involves commercial transactions where products are sold by weight, then this calibration type is essential for you. What it does is ensure that your weighing systems follow guidelines. As experts in providing force calibration services at Industrial Scale & Measurement, we want to guarantee two things: your business remains legally compliant, and transactions remain accurate.

Choosing the Right Calibration Partner

Finding an appropriate company to perform your force calibration is just as important as actually performing the calibration itself. Working with a firm like Industrial Scale & Measurement is something you should look into. Our calibration services have been perfected over the course of over fifty years of expertise to fulfill the specific requirements of a wide range of industry sectors. When you choose Industrial Scale & Measurement, you aren't merely picking a calibration service out of the pool of options. You are selecting a partner who is dedicated to your accomplishments.

At Industrial Scale & Measurement, we have a deep commitment to acting professionally at all times. Our decade of knowledge, dedication to quality, and focus on going above and beyond for customers make us the best option for all of your weighing, calibration, service, and rental requirements. Join us in pursuing the goal of precision, and together, we will make sure that your equipment and procedures maintain their ideal equilibrium.


Why Choose ISM for Force Calibration?

  • Accredited services ensuring compliance with international standards.
  • Comprehensive range of calibration capabilities, from 0 to over 500,000 LBF.
  • Detailed reporting for full accountability and traceability.
  • Expedited services for when you need results quickly.
  • A single source for all your calibration needs, simplifying your process.
  • Ready for precision-calibrated equipment? Ask for a fast quote to calibrate your devices today and experience the ISM difference!
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