StraightPoint TIMH Series


The TIMH range is a Wireless Running Line Tensiometer or RLTM built with dockside, marine, offshore, towage and salvage applications in mind. It is particularly useful where there is no anchor or dead end on the line to rig a Straightpoint Radiolink or Loadlink digital dynamometer to measure tension force at speeds up to 20m/min or 65ft/min.


Two versions of the TIMH are available:
– Long-range 2.4GHz version providing industry leading wireless range of 700m or 2300ft to SP’s SW-HHP handheld or software options.
– Bluetooth output and can be connected to any smartphone running our free HHP app on iOS or Android at ranges up to 100m or 328ft.

The TIMH is constructed from marine grade stainless steel and is suitable for many wire rope configurations up to 80t and will, as an option, calculate lineout and speed in metres or feet. The TIMH has several mounting points featured in its unique design but if other mounting options are required Straightpoint can provide a custom engineered solution specific to your application.

Available as a wireless or cabled system utilising Straightpoint’s HHP range of handheld displays or SW-MWLC software, this impressive Running Line Dynamometer or RLTM is available to ship from stock, to anywhere in the world within days.


  • Measure tension, line speed and distance
  • Five wheel design improving accuracy
  • Cabled or wireless options
  • Easy to install and replace batteries (4 x AA standard Alkaline)
  • Fully constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • IP67/NEMA6 Loadpin
  • Software available to data log and monitor or analogue output


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
TIMH10TRDTIMH Series10te
TIMH25TRDTIMH Series25te
TIMH56TRDTIMH Series56te
TIMH80TRDTIMH Series80te
TIMH150TRDTIMH Series150te

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