StraightPoint Wirelink Plus No Remote Needed


Wirelink plus is designed to be rigged with Crosby standard shackles – manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium and utilising an advanced internal design structure this range of non-indicating Load cells are extremely lightweight, easy to handle and are used worldwide in an array of industries for lifting, pulling, proof and structural load testing.


Decades of development into this product include many stand out features such as our unique strain gauging method that helps compensate for wire rope torque when the Wirelink is loaded.
The extremely versatile platform can be used with digital displays including the Straightpoint handheld plus, PLCs, Data Acquisition systems (DAQ) etc. and configured with a vast array of output formats to include mV/V, RS-422, RS-485, utilizing the ASCII, MODBUS RTU and CAN-BUS protocols.
The Wirelink plus is supplied with a 10 metre cable as standard however usable cable length varies greatly with lengths available to 1500 metres depending on the output format.


  • Constructed of lightweight aluminium
  • Available in capacities ranging from 1 to 300 tonnes
  • High accuracy
  • Multiple output options to include mV/V, analogue out, ASCII, MODBUS RTU and CAN-BUS
  • Available with IP68 environmental protection
  • Options for subsea use available


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
WLP1TNo Remote Needed1te
WLP2T5No Remote Needed2.5te
WLP6T5No Remote Needed6.5te
WLP12TNo Remote Needed12te
WLP25TNo Remote Needed25te
WLP35TNo Remote Needed25te
WLP55TNo Remote Needed55te
WLP75TNo Remote Needed75te
WLP100TNo Remote Needed100te
WLP150TNo Remote Needed150te
WLP200TNo Remote Needed200te
WLP250TNo Remote Needed250te
WLP300TNo Remote Needed300te
ICA1No Remote Needed3 wire 0-10v
ICA2No Remote Needed3 wire 0-5v
ICA3No Remote Needed4 wire +/-10v
ICA4No Remote Needed3 wire 4-20mA
ICA5No Remote Needed2 wire 4-20mA

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