StraightPoint TIMH Series (Hazardous Area) Hazardous Area


The TIMH range is a Running Line Tensiometer or RLTM built with dockside, marine, offshore, towage and salvage applications in mind. Available with ATEX and IECExATEX Handheld TS approved to Ex ia II T4 Ga for use in zones 0, 1 and 2 hazardous environments (gas) and is designed for wire rope tension monitoring in applications with challenging hazardous areas.


All capacities in stock. It is particularly useful where there is no anchor or dead end on the line to rig a Straightpoint Radiolink-ATEX digital dynamometer to measure tension force. The TIMH is constructed from marine grade stainless steel and is suitable for many wire rope configurations up to 80t and will, as an option, calculate lineout in metres or feet along with line speed. The TIMH has several mounting points featured in its unique design but if other mounting options are required Straightpoint can provide a custom-engineered solution specific to your application.

Load data is transmitted wirelessly utilising the latest in IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz) technology providing safe, high integrity, error-free transmission of both static weight and dynamic load to our SW-HHP-ATEX handheld controller for use in hazardous areas with a range of 500m or 1640ft.

The TIMH utilises easily sourced Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries and features advanced circuitry designed to protect the unit from damage associated with incorrectly installed batteries. This advanced circuitry extends battery life and eliminates issues associated with rechargeable battery pack charging, failure and replacement.


  • Approved for use in hazardous zones
  • Fully constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • IP67/NEMA6 Loadpin
  • Gravity catches fitted to top sheave pins make wire rope installation quick and simple
  • Maintenance free heavy duty bearings
  • Options for line out available
  • Software available to data log and monitor analogue outputs


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
TIMH10TR-TS-ATEXHazardous Area0te
TIMH25TR-TS-ATEXHazardous Area5te
TIMH56TR-TS-ATEXHazardous Area6te
TIMH80TR-TS-ATEXHazardous Area0te
TIMH150TR-TS-ATEXHazardous Area50te

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