StraightPoint HHP App Wireless Loadcell Software


Android & iOS app to connect to any SP Bluetooth loadcell

Up to four Crosby Straightpoint, Bluetooth load cells can be connected and monitored by up to eight smartphones, with the HHP2 app installed. It will enable more than one lifting professional to monitor the loads’ progress and safety, spotting potential dangers or issues from different vantage points from a safe distance of up to 100m or 328ft.


The HHP2 app’s simple and easy-to-use interface will enable the operator to use the app with the utmost efficiency. There are five different measurement units to choose from – tonnes, lbs, kN, kg and a custom unit. The app records total loads, weights and lifts. This feature is useful when a particular measurement(s) is required for later referral. Added to this is the option to set the threshold and measure productivity for each load cell and the device it’s rigged to, a crane, for instance, for analysis to see shortfalls and improve performance.

A peak facility can be activated to display the highest force measured alongside the live load reading of four load cells simultaneously plus a total load. Once measurements are recorded to the app using the load monitoring project record and data log feature, the operator can export the details. The report will include load, time and date, GPS coordinates and project information to either a mobile device or send it to a particular email address in csv format


  • Multiple weight unit measurement options (kN/Te/Kg/lb/custom)
  • Records total loads, weight and total lifts for reports.
  • Option to set lift threshold per shift and measure productivity.
  • Set and record overload incidents
  • Peak Hold button with display next to live reading
  • Zero and Gross monitoring options
  • Audible alarm alert for high/low values
  • Flashing visual alarm
  • User-defined resolution setup


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HHP AppWireless Loadcell SoftwareSP Bluetooth loadcell

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