StraightPoint SW-HHP-TS-ATEX (Hazardous Area) Handheld Remote (Hazourdous)

ATEX/IECEx Ex II 1G, Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Zone 0 Handheld plus

The ATEX hand control is an intrinsically safe rugged and versatile digital handheld display with a broad range of ATEX Handheld-4screensfeatures and is suitable for all Straightpoint ATEX/IECEx load cell products. With the option to read up to four SP Ex load cells simultaneously allowing the operator to monitor a multi-pick point lift from a single handheld.


With a range of 500m or 1640ft enables the user to measure loads from a safe distance in hazardous areas zones 0,1 & 2, such as offshore oil rigs and petrochemical plants

At the heart of the ergonomically designed ATEX Handheld plus is a powerful PCB providing industry-leading features such as user selectable units of measure (tonnes, lbs, kg and kN), peak hold, pre-set tare and an on-screen overload warning and loadcell calibration due warning.


  • Larger Multiline Screen
  • Read up to 4 SP Loadcells simultaneously
  • Multiple display units – tonnes, lbs, kg and kN
  • On-screen Overload warning
  • Loadcell Calibration due warning
  • 100Hz Peak hold
  • Pre-set tare
  • Unrivalled Wireless range 500m/1640ft


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
SW-HHP-TS-ATEXHandheld Remote (Hazourdous)ATEX/IECEx Ex II 1G, Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

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