StraightPoint Subsea Link Cable Assy for Subsea Link


SP’s Subsea link (SL) has been manufactured for use in subsea or submersible projects where accurate load monitoring is required.

Fatigue rated the Subsea link is constructed from 17-4PH stainless steel with o’ring seals and moulded SubConn connector the SL link design ensures high integrity and will resist saltwater, temperature variations and the water pressure at varying depths of up to 2000m or 6562 feet.


At depth, the SL can be handled and rigged via an ROV where it may be inaccessible by divers or cost may prohibit.

Output Options include:

mV/V to the SP Handheld plus, 4-20mA or 0-10v analog to a PLC, Datalogger
Or The Multi Operation Survey System (MOSS), RS485 or an integral data logger storing up to one million readings and powered by an internal battery.
Designed to accept Crosby G209 or G2130 shackles.


  • Onboard data-logging option
  • Pressure tested to a depth of 2000m/6562ft
  • SubConn connector
  • Environmental protection IP68/NEMA6P
  • mV/V or 4-20mA output options
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Designed to fit with Crosby ROV shackles
  • Fatigue rated


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
SU6158Subsea Link10m
SU6159Subsea Link20m
SU6160Subsea Link50m
SU6161Subsea Link100m
ICA1Subsea Link3 wire 0-10v
ICA2Subsea Link3 wire 0-5v
ICA3Subsea Link4 wire +/-10v
ICA4Subsea Link3 wire 4-20mA
ICA5Subsea Link2 wire 4-20mA
DLCHASCSubsea LinkDigital output amplifie
DLCHMODSubsea LinkDigital output amplifie
SU6163Subsea LinkIntegral Datalogger
SA68Subsea LinkData extraction software

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