Rice Lake 920i Universal Enclosure

Rice Lake’s 920i high-powered programmable digital weight indicator and controller automates complex industrial processes with a simplified user interface.

  • Customizable backlit LCD graphical user interface
  • 22 softkeys with 10 user-defined keys
  • Tactile keypad for scale operations, numeric entry and navigation
  • On-screen keyboard available during entry mode (or external keyboard)
  • Supports 28 scales within 5 different scale types:
    • Analog load cell, multi-range/interval weighing
    • Total scale summing
    • Serial input scales
    • iQUBE² scales
    • Program scales
  • 2 to 14 option slots for additional scale channels, serial ports, digital inputs and outputs, analog outputs and protocol interfaces
  • iRite™ Programming Software
    • Customizable user applications with event-based functions
    • 150 built-in functions for application processes & data tables
  • Four serial ports supporting RS-232, RS-485, 20mA
  • USB Type A and B replaces Serial on Port 2 (USB model)
  • Alibi memory captures serial port transmissions
  • Configurable data stream format
  • 100 setpoints, 27 configurable setpoint types
  • Six digital I/O for control
  • Four different enclosure types: universal, deep universal, wall mount, panel mount


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
67527Universal Enclosure
120062Universal Enclosure w/ USB
82455Deep Enclosure
115004Deep Enclosure w/ USB
69763Wall Mount
115005Wall Mount w/ USB
69764Panel Mount
115006Panel Mount w/ USB
68532Option CardInd Option, A/D Single Channel 920i, Kit.
68533Option CardInd Opt,A/D Dual Channel 920i
67602Option CardInd OPT,Analog Output 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA for 720i, 820i, 920i
65383Network CardInd Opt,Ethernet Thin Server UDS-1100, 10/100 RJ45 232 Serial to Ethernet.
206271Network CardInd Opt,Wireless LAN Card RS232/WiFi Interface 802.11 A/B, 10/100 Base-T, XPico for 920i
87803Network CardInd Opt,EtherNet/IP for 920i, 820i and 720i. Protocol for Allen-Bradley PLC.

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