Dillon Dynaswitch Overload Protection


Dillon offers a complete range of mechanically actuated force control switches that are used in a variety of applications, such as protecting cranes, hoists and other lifting machinery against weight or force overload as well as slack load.


Force control switches can also be used to perform control functions. Overload switches are force or weight sensing devices and provide an action when they register an overload or slack line condition. There are no dial indicators associated with these devices. Each force control unit can accommodate up to four switches which can be used to switch power, activate alarm lights, buzzers or klaxons to warn of impending overload. These can be set at different capacities to ensure complete protection.

All units come with a Certificate of Calibration which is traceable to NIST, dated and signed by experienced technicians who calibrate each instrument on an individual basis making certain that all parts are carefully adjusted and that every unit is within stated accuracy tolerances before it leaves the factory.


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
DSW-1Switch100 lb
DSW-2Switch1,000 lb
DSW-3Switch2,000 lb
DSW-4Switch5,000 lb
DSW-5Switch10,000 lb
DSW-6Switch25,000 lb
DSW-7Switch50,000 lb

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