• December 27, 2023

A Closer Look at ISM’s Full Range of Measurement Tool Calibration Services

Since 1956, we’ve been one of the country’s premier providers of industrial scales, operating under the banner of Industrial Scale Company (ISC). However, our recent evolution into Industrial Scale & Measurement (ISM) signifies not just a shift in name, but a new focus on our entire line of product offerings. Now, alongside being your trusted supplier of premium industrial scales, the team here at ISM wants our trusted partners to know all about our comprehensive selection of measurement tool calibration and lab services designed to optimize your operations and boost business performance.

From dynamometers to torque measurement tools, we have a comprehensive portfolio of calibration services for a vast range of measurement tools. Backed by our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation, dedication to customer satisfaction, and unbeatable turnaround times of two days or less for calibration and servicing, ISM is your trusted ally for calibration lab services:


At ISM, we recognize the importance of faultless dynamometer readings in your operations. Our highly proficient team employs meticulous calibration procedures, ensuring your dynamometers function accurately and consistently, adhering to industry standards.

Tension Meters

Accuracy in tension measurements is crucial across multiple sectors. ISM’s tension meter calibration services are reliable and precise, offering your business the confidence they deserve in maintaining quality and stability in your production processes.


ISM’s calibration services extend to various indicators so that they always deliver precise readouts. Our stringent calibrating routines implement industry-standard procedures, confirming that your indicators offer not just the accuracy, but also the reliability and longevity necessary for critical measurement tasks.

Load Cells

Load cells are pivotal in delivering accurate weight measurements in numerous industrial applications. At ISM, our load cell calibration services include rigorous testing methodologies, validating the trustworthiness and reliability of these critical instruments.

Dimensional Tools

Precise dimensions are pivotal in manufacturing, construction, logistics, and numerous other sectors. Our calibration services deliver much-needed accuracy and compliance to your dimensional tools, aiding you in maintaining the high quality of your projects.

Temperature Gauges

Our lab extends its calibration proficiency to temperature gauges as well. Considering the importance of temperature control in various industrial processes, our team takes utmost care in perfecting the accuracy of your temperature gauges to foster smooth operation in your facilities.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges play a crucial role in multiple industrial monitoring systems. Our calibration services for pressure gauges apply rigorous testing, ensuring that these devices maintain their precision and accuracy over time.

Torque Measurement Tools

Torque measurements are crucial in the automotive, manufacturing, and construction sectors, among others. Our calibration services deliver unmatched precision to your torque measurement tools, assisting you in maintaining optimal efficiency in your operations.

Your Trusted Calibration Lab Partner

With ISM as your measurement tool calibration partner, you can be confident in the precision of your measurement tools. By regularly calibrating your equipment, you ensure their enduring accuracy, boost the efficiency of your processes, and, ultimately, optimize your business performance.

The quality of our calibration services is matched only by their speed. We understand the pivotal role timely calibration can play in maintaining the momentum of your business operations. That’s why we’re committed to offering industry-leading turnaround times, with calibrations and servicing completed in two days or less.

Trust ISM for your calibration needs, and experience the confidence, quality, and speed that set us apart beginning in 1956. As a one-stop shop for calibration services, we are here to support a diverse range of industries, reinforcing our commitment to precision, performance, and punctuality. Contact us today to learn more about how our calibration services can optimize the performance of your business!