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Expert Pressure Gauge Calibration Services in Houston, TX

  • Calibrating your pressure gauge or gauges is crucial to ensuring readings that meet safety and compliance requirements while you’re on site. The calibration process confirms that your pressure gauge functions correctly, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Pressure gauges are used tools in every laboratory setting.
  • The abundance of pressure gauges in labs can sometimes lead to the assumption that they are all functioning properly, making it easy to overlook the need for calibration. Calibration is important to maintain performance levels and ensure the safety of yourself and your team.
  • Industrial Scale & Measurement specializes in delivering precise calibration solutions for pressure gauges, guaranteeing that your pressure measurements are accurate and reliable. With cutting-edge equipment and expert personnel, we provide complete calibration services that are tailored to the specific demands of your sector.
  • We can adjust pressure measuring devices like pressure gauges, transducers, manometers, and more using our pressure sources. We utilize air systems to generate pressures ranging from 0.001 in.H2O to 1,000. Deadweight Weight Systems are used to calibrate up to 15,000 PSIG with water/alcohol and up to 40,000 PSIG with oils. Additionally, we can set it up. Modify Pressure Transducers with Displays as needed. Furthermore, we offer calibration services for all your vacuum equipment using top-notch vacuum sources.
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Why Choose Industrial Scale & Measurement for Pressure Gauge Calibration Service in Houston, TX?


Accurate and Reliable Calibration

Our team of technicians utilizes state-of-the-art calibration methods to guarantee that your pressure gauges adhere to industry standards and regulatory mandates. We acknowledge the significance of precision in pressure readings and aim to provide outcomes through each calibration service.


Quick Turnaround Times

We understand how important it is to reduce downtime for your operations. Our goal is to offer calibration services without sacrificing quality. You can rely on us to calibrate your pressure gauges promptly and effectively.


Complete Pressure Gauge Calibration Houston Tx

Our calibration services cater to an array of pressure measurement instruments, whether digital gauges or compact handheld devices. We possess the expertise to calibrate pressure gauges of sizes and types, ranging from compact handheld devices to large-scale industrial units, to guarantee their optimal performance.


Certified Technicians

Our team of technicians is well-trained and certified in pressure gauge calibration. With their wealth of experience, they can accurately and efficiently calibrate your pressure gauges, giving you confidence in the accuracy of your measurements.


Convenient Location

Our centre in Houston, Texas, provides access to our calibration services for businesses and those from surrounding areas. Whether you are based in Houston or nearby regions, Industrial Scale & Measurement is the choice for fulfilling your pressure gauge calibration requirements.


Dedicated Customer Service

At Industrial Scale & Measurement, our focus is on ensuring customer happiness. Our team of well-informed professionals is dedicated to delivering customer service, assisting you with booking your calibration service and addressing any inquiries or issues you might encounter throughout the process.

Onsite Calibration Services

We provide onsite calibration services, which our team of specialists can use to visit your work site. Our facilities oversee our mobile instrument calibration and metrology labs on site. Our onsite team offers services such as calibration, repairs, rentals, equipment sales and electrical safety/PPE. They can quickly and effectively calibrate your equipment.

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Contact us to arrange your calibration service or to learn more about our complete calibration solutions designed to meet your individual needs. Trust us to be your dependable partner for all of your pressure gauge calibration requirements in Houston, TX and beyond.

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