Thompson Scale TSC 350 In-Motion


Rates as high as 350 packages per minute. Accuracies as high as +/-0.5g @ 2 Sigma.

Drag chain style checkweigher, equipped with two strands of flat-link chain to carry your rigid package across a fixed scale section. Overall typical length of 36”. Scale sections from 3” to 14” long, product dependent.

All 304SS seal-welded construction, easy to clean surfaces, rated for IP66 (4X) environments



Color touch screen scale controls hold 100 recipes in memory, user-set for 3 or 5 zone (low reject, low pass, good, high pass & high reject) outputs. 3-level password protection, audit trail for calibrations.

89 to 230VAC 50/60 Hz. Single Phase source power connection. 24VDC I/O. Timed outputs for reject and alarms. Integrated metal detectors offers minimal equipment foot print and seamless rejection operation with scale.

Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232 and RS-422 built in. Variety of data formats, connections for data logging and outputs to remote digital displays or HMI interfaces. Optional Ethernet IP and Modbus interfaces available.


Can, jar or small carton for Coffee, canned food, pet food, nutraceutical, paint, adhesives, produce, candies

Can, box, tub, carton and other rigid containers


Rates as high as 350 packages per minute. Accuracies as high as +/-0.5g @ 2 Sigma.

What sets us apart

  • Rugged accurate equipment, built to meet your application needs
  • Simple single static calibration for your range of products
  • Reasonably priced spare parts
  • Standard load cells, available from multiple sources
  • Superior customer support
  • Independent service affiliates across North America

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