SRC Electronic Concrete Deck Truck Scales

Cardinal Scale’s SRC series concrete deck truck scales features a heavy-duty, classic, time-tested pit scale design to allow vehicles to roll directly onto the scale at ground level. Featuring a heavy-duty, pour-in-place concrete deck, this pit-mounted scale features a rigid, highly-rated CLC deck that provides easy access to all scale components. This easy access eliminates issues with accessing the scale and takes up little space when saving needed operating area is tantamount. The SRC is available with your choice of either SCBD digital double-ended shear beam load cells or AC series electronic compression type load cells. NTEP and Measurement Canada legal for trade.



  • Concentrated Load Capacity: 30, 45, or 100 tons
  • Overall Capacities: Ranging from 30 tons to 120 tons
  • Platform Sizes: Ranging from 10 ft to 100 ft in length, 10 ft standard width
  • Load Cell: Electronic compression load cells or digital double-ended shear beam load cells
  • Warranty: 5 year deck and below limited warranty
  • Foundation Kit: Included
  • Junction Box: Stainless steel, weatherproof-grade
  • Deck: 16-inch I-beam construction


  • Available with AC Compression Load Cells or SCBD Digital Double-Ended Shear Beam Load Cells
  • Models Available as Multi-Platform Vehicle Scales
  • NTEP and Measurement Canada Legal for Trade
  • Axle or Full-Length Truck Platform Sizes Available
  • Stainless Steel, Environmentally-Sealed Load Cells
  • Anti-Corrosion Industrial Tan Powdercoat Paint
  • Designed for Pit Foundations
Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
103010060,000 lb/27,000 kg/
103010160,000 lb/27,000 kg/
103010260,000 lb/27,000 kg
1030103100,000 lb/45,000 kg
1030104100,000 lb/45,000 kg
1030105120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1030106200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030107200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030108200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030109200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030206240,000 lb/110,000 kg
1030207240,000 lb/110,000 kg
1030208240,000 lb/110,000 kg
1030209240,000 lb/110,000 kg
103030060,000 lb/27,000 kg
103030160,000 lb/27,000 kg
103030260,000 lb/27,000 kg
1030303100,000 lb/45,000 kg
1030304100,000 lb/45,000 kg
1030305120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1030306200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030307200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030308200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030309200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030406240,000 lb/110,000 kg
1030407240,000 lb/110,000 kg
1030408240,000 lb/110,000 kg
1030409240,000 lb/110,000 kg
1030700200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030701200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1030702200,000 lb/90,000 kg

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