Cardinal Weight Wrangler Mobile Livestock Scales


Cardinal Scale’s portable Weight Wrangler group animal scales provide a self-contained NTEP legal-for-trade weighing system that can be used on any firm surface with up to a 5% grade (maximum allowed by NTEP). The hoof-gripping rubberized component deck and steel cattle pen enclosure with dual swing gates are all suspended at four points within a portable base frame. The Weight Wrangler can weigh groups of cattle up to 15-20 head at a time (20,000 lb x 5 lb capacity). The scale includes a weight indicator, USB port to store transactions, and ticket printer. The mobile weighing center cabinet feature toolbox latches to properly secure the lids and doors.



  • Capacity: Model LSM1513-MWC225P: 15,000 lb x 5 lb / Model LSM2018-MWC225P: 20,000 lb x 5 lb
  • Overall Dimensions: Model LSM1513-MWC225P: 13 ft L x 7 ft 4 in W x 8 ft 2 in H / Model LSM2018-MWC225P: 18 ft 5 in L x 7 ft 4 in W x 8 ft 2 in H
  • Includes: 225 weight indicator, CTP-1 ticket printer, and 12-volt battery
  • Port: USB for transaction storage on portable USB drive
  • Tilt Angle: Up to 5% in any direction (maximum allowed by NTEP)
  • Paint: UV-protected, baked-on tan powder paint
  • Flooring: X-lug hIgh-quality rubberized non-slip composite flooring with predefined floor plank seams in the scale deck prohibit debris from compiling underneath
  • Digital Filtering: StableSENSE® digital filtering that filters the weight signal to produce a stable weight display in spite of motion on the scale platform due to animal movement
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • NTEP Certificate of Conformance: Certificate number 16-042 (legal for trade)
  • Accuracy Class: III / IIIL
  • Options: Collector Panel Mount Bow (qty. 1), Horse Risers, Dual Latch Gate, and Solar Panels
  • Power Requirements: 12V automotive type battery (battery included)
  • Deck Height: 6 inches when in weigh mode for easy step-in
  • Indicator LIvestock Functions: Shrink loss, current head count, gross weight, average weight, and previous and total head count, gross weight, and average weight
  • Inclinometer: Included with scale and detects scale angle to determine if angle is out of acceptable tolerance for weighing (blanks out if out of NTEP tolerance – up to 5% tilt angle)
  • Indicator Display: 240 x 64 pixel (5 in W x 1.33 in H / 127 mm W x 34 mm H) monochrome graphics LCD with white LED backlight and visible in direct sunlight
  • Keypad: 60 key color-coded keypad with QWERTY keys plus four soft keys and 13 function keys
  • Air Pump: Integral air pump to lift and lower trailer air bag suspension
  • Load Cells: NTEP stainless steel model ZX-10000 tension load cells
  • Gates: Two swing gates included
  • Printer: Cardinal Scale model CTP-1 dot matrix ticket printer included in mobile weigh center for NTEP legal-for-trade ticket printing of transactions
  • Brakes: Electric brakes (4)
  • Shipping Weights: LSM2018-MWC225P: 6,000 lb; LSM1513-MWC225P: 4,200 lb
  • Speed Limit: 35 mph (classified as a farm implement)


  • High-Quality X-Lug Composite Flooring for Livestock Stability and Assurance Included Standard
  • 3 Heavy-Duty Panels and Bows on 18-ft Models. Cardinal Scale’s Panel Construction is the Heaviest in the Mobile Cattle Scale Industry
  • Available in 13-ft-long Single Axle or 18-ft-long Tandem Axle Sizes
  • StableSense Digital Filtering Compensates for Animal Movement While Weighing to Provide Accurate Weights
  • Calculates Shrink Loss for Livestock Groups
  • Mobile Weighing Center Displays Head Count, Gross Weight, and Average Weight
  • Transactions Stored on USB Drive May be Summarized for Printing
  • Can Be Used on Any Firm Surface With up to a 5% Grade
  • Completely Self-Contained Mobile Animal Weighing
  • Self-Adjusting Electric Brakes Provide Ease of Maintenance
  • Semi-Grade Airbag Suspension Provides Smooth Towing and Handling During Transportation
  • High Under-Frame Clearance
  • Includes USB Port to Store Transactions
  • Includes Weight Indicator, Ticket Printer, and Battery
  • NTEP Legal for Trade for Commercial Transactions
  • Weigh Groups of Cattle up to 15-20 Head at a Time (20,000-lb Capacity)
  • Enclosed Scale Includes Two Cattle Gates
  • Durable Steel Cattle Pens with UV-Protected Baked-On Tan Powder Paint
  • Heavy-Duty Bumper Plates (1/2” thick)
  • Tail Lights and Reflectors Included Standard
  • Load Cell Junction Box with Additional Condensation Protection is Located Inside Battery Box for Ease of Adjustment
  • Adjustable Hitch Height Included Standard
  • Dual Gate Latch (optional)
  • Cattle Blind so the Operator Doesn’t Upset Livestock While Operating the Scale During the Weight Transaction
  • 12-Volt Battery Pack Included (recharged by towing vehicle)
  • Optional Solar Panel
  • Scale Comes Fully Assembled and Ready for Weighing Use


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