Cardinal Test Weights – NIST Class F

Designed for use in the calibration of scales, Cardinal Scale’s test weights have been calibrated using reference standards tested by the State of Missouri Department of Agriculture (State Test No. 1119 & 1121) and traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology through NIST Test No. 259883. Use these test weights to calibrate an inaccurate scale, or just to make sure your scale is performing as accurately as it should. Calibration weights are available in 1, 5, 25, and 50 lb weights. The 25 and 50 lb test weights come with integral grip handles to ease transport. These test weights are built to Class F field standard specifications. They must be certified by a local Weights & Measures official before use on a legal-for-trade device.



  • 1110-C006-0A (50 lb Test Weight) Dimensions: 7.6 in W x 5.8 in D x 6.4 in H (192 mm W x 146 mm D x 162 mm H) with grip handle
  • 1110-C005-0A (25 lb Test Weight) Dimensions: 6 in W x 4.1 in D x 6 in H (152 mm W x 103 mm D x 152 mm H) with grip handle
  • 2WP5 (5 lb Test Weight) Dimensions: 3.4 in Dia. x 2.2 in H (86 mm Dia. x 56 mm H)
  • 2WP1 (1 lb Test Weight) Dimensions: 1.5 in Dia. x 2.3 in H (38 mm Dia. x 59 mm H)
  • Construction (1110-C006-0A and 1110-C005-0A): Cast Iron with Steel Grip Handle, Painted Finish
  • Construction (2WP5 and 2WP1): Cold Rolled Steel, Painted Finish


  • 25 and 50 LB Weights Include Steel Grip Handles
  • Cast Iron or Cold Rolled Steel Construction with Painted Finish
  • From 1 LB to 50 LB Test Weights
  • NIST 105-1 Class F Tolerances


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
1110-C005-0ATest Weight, 25 lb
1110-C006-0ATest Weight, 50 lb
2WP1Weight, Knob Type, 1 lb
2WP5Weight, Steel, 5 lb

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