Cardinal TBCS Electronic

Cardinal Scale’s THBC electronic load cell kits are ideal for weighing tanks, hoppers, mixers, and conveyors. These self-checking load cell kits are available with mild steel or stainless steel stands, system capacities ranging from 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) up to 200,000 lb (90,700 kg), and stainless steel waterproof load cells. The THBC kits are ideal for medium-to-heavy capacity tank and hopper weighing, new or existing installations, and accommodate multi-legged tanks with up to 10 legs. They offer an easy-to-install, low-profile, bolt-down design. Each kit comes complete with 3 or 4 stainless steel load cells, self-checking load cell stands, load cell cable, and a stainless steel junction box. Special self-centering load buttons protect against offset side loads. The rugged, environmentally-sealed SB series shear beam load cells, also manufactured by Cardinal Scale, are NTEP, OIML, and VCAP certified.



  • Load Cell Type: TB series shear beam model manufactured by Cardinal Scale. Load cell capacities ranging from 1,000 lb to 4,000 lb per cell. Stainless steel construction protects against caustic or corrosive environments.
  • Load Cell Cable: 20 ft / 6 m long
  • Load Cell Button: Hardened steel load cell button
  • Load Cell Stand Construction: Mild or stainless steel, bolt-in-place stands
  • Junction Box Cable Length to Indicator: 30 ft / 9 m with 9-pin D connector
  • Junction Box Type: Enclosure is NEMA 4, stainless steel with fully gasketed cover. Range ± 10%
  • Included: Bolts and lock washers included
  • Systems Capacities: Overall capacities range from 3,000 lb to 16,000 lb
  • Weighing Applications: Tanks, hoppers, silos, bins, and mixers. New installations or existing conversions.


  • 3 or 4 Cell Mounting Assemblies
  • Designed for Tank and Hopper Weighing
  • Durable Bolt-in-Place Stands
  • Easy to Install
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Mild or Stainless Steel Stands
  • Self-Checking Stands
  • Stainles Steel Junction Box with 30 ft Cable to Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Load Cells
  • System Capacities Range From 3000 lb to 16000 lb
  • Variety of Weight Indicators Also Available from Cardinal Scale
  • Versatile Load Cell Assemblies Utilized for Wide-Ranging Weighing Applications


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
TBCS-1KM-33 Cell, 3,000 Lb
TBCS-1KM-44 Cell, 4,000 Lb
TBCS-2.5KM-33 Cell,7,500 Lb
TBCS-2.5KM-44 Cell, 10,000 Lb
TBCS-4KM-33 Cell, 12,000 Lb
TBCS-4KM-44 Cell, 16,000 Lb
TBCSS-1KM-33 Cell, 3,000 Lb
TBCSS-1KM-44 Cell, 4,000 Lb
TBCSS-2.5KM-33 Cell, 7,500 Lb
TBCSS-2.5KM-44 Cell, 10,000 Lb
TBCSS-4KM-33 Cell, 12,000 Lb
TBCSS-4KM-44 Cell, 16,000 Lb
THBC10-33 Cell, 30,000 Lb
THBC10-44 Cell, 40,000 Lb
THBC2.5-33 Cell, 7,500 Lb
THBC2.5-44 Cell, 10,000 Lb
THBC20-33 Cell, 60,000 Lb
THBC20-44 Cell, 80,000 Lb
THBC50KSingle Cell
THBC50K-44 Cell, J- Box
THBC50K-66 Cell, J-Box,
THBC50K-88 Cell, J-Box,
THBC5-33 Cell, 15,000 Lb
THBC5-44 Cell, 20,000 Lb
THBCS10-33 Cell, 30,000 Lb
THBCS10-44 Cell, 40,000 Lb
THBCS2.5-33 Cell, 7,500 Lb
THBCS2.5-44 Cell, 10,000 Lb
THBCS20-33 Cell, 60,000 Lb
THBCS20-44 Cell, 80,000 Lb
THBCS5-33 Cell, 15,000 Lb
THBCS5-44 Cell, 20,000 Lb

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