Cardinal SmartCan Digital Conversion System

You can now digitize any existing analog scale using Cardinal Scale’s SmartCan analog-to-digital conversion system. SmartCan allows users to digitally monitor each individual load cell and identify cell failures quickly and effectively. The SmartCan system utilizes the advanced, internationally-standardized CAN (Controller Area Network) serial bus system to digitize the analog output signals from two or more independent load cells and send the data to the indicator. SmartCan may be used in a variety of different applications with new and existing truck scales, railroad scales, floor scales, bench scales, and batching systems. SmartCan is housed in a compact, rugged weatherproof IP66 / NEMA 4 enclosure and doesn’t require cumbersome external power supplies, in most applications.



  • Accuracy class: III and IIIL
  • Weighing range: Single-interval
  • Maximum Number of Verification Scale Intervals: 10,000 (CLASS III), 1,000 (CLASS IIIL)
  • Internal Resolution: 1 part in 16,777,216
  • Minimum Input-Voltage per Verification Scale Intervals: 0.5 uV
  • Excitation Voltage: 10 VDC
  • Maximum Analog Range: 1 to 30 mV
  • Minimum Input-Impedance: 350 ohms
  • Maximum Input-Impedance: 1100 ohms
  • Maximum Number of Load Cells: Multiple 4-cell, 6-cell, 8-cell or 10-cell enclosures can be daisy-chained together for a total of 32 load cells (The maximum number of load cells is dependent upon the homerun cable length, indicator sample rate, and power supply. Voltage is provided by the 225D, 825D, or external power supply).
  • Power Requirements:
  • SmartCAN 4: 15 VDC from the 225D or 12 VDC from the 825D
  • SmartCAN 6, 8, 10: 15 VDC from the 225D or 12 VDC from the 825D (Power to the SmartCAN6, SmartCAN8, or SmartCAN10 can be supplied from the 225D or 825D if the CAN interface cable/homerun cable is less than 200 ft/61 m long).
  • SmartCAN 6, 8, 10-AC: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz) @ 0.1A
  • Operating Environment: Temperature: +14 to +140 ºF / -10 to +60 ºC (NTEP certified up to +104 ºF / +40 ºC)
  • Operating Environment: Humidity: 90% non-condensing (maximum)
  • Junction Box Construction:
  • SmartCAN 4: IP66 / NEMA 4 rated stainless steel enclosure
  • SmartCAN 6, 8, 10: IP66 / NEMA 4 rated polycarbonate enclosure
  • SmartCAN 6-AC, 8-AC, 10-AC: IP66 / NEMA 4 rated polycarbonate enclosure
  • Junction Box Dimensions:
  • SmartCAN 4: 8.5 in L x 4.7 in W x 1.3 in H / 216 mm L x 119 mm W x 33 mm H (Dimensions include the mounting strap)
  • SmartCAN 6, 8, 10: 10 in L x 9.8 in W x 4.0 in H / 254 mm L x 249 mm W x 102 mm H (Dimensions include the mounting brackets)
  • SmartCAN 6-AC, 8-AC, 10-AC: 10 in L x 9.8 in W x 4.0 in H / 254 mm L x 249 mm W x 102 mm H (Dimensions include the mounting brackets)


  • Perfect for retrofitting existing analog scales or converting analog load cells to a digital system
  • Multiple SmartCans can be connected via daisy-chain for multiple-controller systems
  • Fail-Safe mode keeps your scale running in the event of a failed cell (coming soon)
  • 7 different SmartCan boxes available for a wide range of configurations
  • Enables usage of SmartCal and digital calibration adjustments
  • Remote troubleshooting and scale monitoring through iSite software
  • Analog-to-digital load cell conversion system
  • Receive text and/or e-mail alerts from iSite for any load cell issues
  • Troubleshooting of scale issues with the NEST diagnostic tool
  • All components housed in a rugged IP66 / NEMA 4 rated enclosure
  • Universal mounting brackets for easy field installation
  • No power is required in most applications (SmartCan is also available with AC power)
  • May be used with Guardian® hydraulic load cells
  • Load cell troubleshooting through the Cardinal Scale 225D or 825D indicators
  • Compact enclosure size only requires minimal space
  • Real-time load cell failure and fault diagnostics
  • Lightning/surge protection
  • Ideal for troubleshooting multi-platform truck scales
  • Analog-to-digital conversion on individual channels
  • NTEP and OIML certified


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
SMARTCAN10-ACSmartCAN10 Cell w/AC Power
SMARTCAN44 Cell SmartCAN Junction Box
SMARTCAN6-ACSmartCAN6 Cell w/AC Power
SMARTCAN8-ACSmartCAN8 Cell w/AC Power

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