Cardinal SB500 Series – 5-in LED

Cardinal’s SB500 boasts a giant 5-inch/127 mm tall, high-intensity LED display easily read up to 250 feet away. A weatherproof mild or stainless steel enclosure with mounting tabs allow it to be mounted on a vertical surface. Other features include bi-directional RS232 serial port and other connectivity options, auto-learning serial protocol, annunciators for lb, kg, T, t G and N. Custom programmable software to create your own graphics. The interface can autolearn most serial protocols. One custom protocol can be entered into the unit. The interface is configurable for serial data input as either an active or passive 20mA current loop, RS-232 or RS422/485, and also has the connectivity options of Wi-Fi, wireless, fiber optic and ethernet.



  • LED Character Height: 5 in (127 mm)
  • Character Type: SB-500 and SB-500S 7-segment, 6 digits with decimal points and three 24-segment alpha characters SB-500M and SB-500MS Nine 24-segment alpha characters
  • Annunciators: lb, kg, T, t, G, N (if output from indicator)
  • Ambient Light Levels: total darkness to direct sun
  • Power Input: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 60 watts, maximum
  • Interface: 20 mA, active or passive, RS232, RS422/485, fiber optic, ethernet
  • Display Capacity: -99999 to 999999
  • Enclosure Construction: SB500 and SB500M painted mild steel SB500S and SB500MS stainless steel
  • Viewing Angle: +/- 70 degress
  • Viewing Range: 250
  • Ambient Temperature: -15 to +130 degrees F
  • Ambient Humidity: 5 to 100 percent
  • Character Format: all standard ASCII characters
  • Shipping Weight: 39 lb / 17.6 kg


  • Bold Readouts From up to 250 Feet Away
  • Brightness Controls Via Ambient Light Sensor
  • Daisy Chain Multiple Units
  • Dual-Row LED Digits for Maximum Visibility
  • Red/Green Traffic Light and Four-way Directional Arrows Standard


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
SB5005″ LED, 6 Digit
SB500M5″ LED, 9 Character
SB500MS5″ LED, 9 Character
SB500S5″ LED, 6 Digit

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