Cardinal RSCA Pit Type

Cardinal Scale’s RSCA series truck and track scales feature a rugged, accurate, and heavy-duty weighbridge system for static weighing operations. The RSCA is a pit-type rail/truck combo scale that is perfect for weighing a variety of rail car sizes and full semi-tractor trailers. The massively-constructed, NTEP legal-for-trade steel weighbridge of Cardinal’s RSCA scale is stabilized laterally with checkrods and other specially designed restraints. Weighrails are sealed into the platform. Choose from electronic or Guardian hydraulic load cells with 270 ton (245 metric ton) gross capacity and 180 ton (163 metric ton) sectional capacity. Special design techniques and manufacturing procedures prevent excessive dirt, moisture, and foreign material from entering the pit, providing this rugged scale accuracy and exceptionally long life. Standard platform lengths available from 60 ft to 100 ft long.



  • NTEP Approval: 91-041
  • Gross Capacity: 270 ton (245 metric ton)
  • Sectional Capacity: 180 ton (163 metric ton)
  • Platform Lengths: 60 ft (18 m), 66 ft (20 m), 72 ft (22 m), 80 ft (24 m), and 100 ft (30 m) standard platform lengths available
  • Platform Width: 10 ft (3 m)
  • Graduations: 50 lb standard graduations (20 lb graduations are available upon special request from the factory)
  • Options: Grain dump modules, indicators, printers, remote displays, and mobile apps
  • Rating: E-80 Cooper AREMA rating
  • Load Cell Types: Choice of electronic SCA stainless steel compression load cells or Guardian hydraulic SST stainless steel load cells
  • Load Cell Capacity: Standard models include eight (8) 200,000-lb capacity stainless steel load cells
  • Includes: Eight (8) load cells with cell stands, central junction boxes and power supplies, fabricated steel weighbridge designed for 6” thick concrete deck, anchor bolts for pit, coping angle for edge of pit wall, check plates for pit wall, checkrods for weighbridge, and deck channel for edge of deck
  • Partial List of Items Not Included: Reinforcing bar for deck, any reinforcing for pit, manhole frames or covers, any conduit, rail clips or bolts, and ladders
  • Concrete Deck Thickness: Heavy-duty steel weighbridge designed for 6-inch-thick (0.2 m) concrete deck


  • 270 Ton Gross Capacity
  • 60 ft to 100 ft Long Platform Lengths
  • Choice of Electronic or Guardian Hydraulic Load Cells
  • Designed for 6-Inch-Thick Concrete Deck
  • E-80 Cooper AREMA Rating
  • Heavy-Duty Rugged Steel Weighbridge
  • Lateral Stabilization from Checkrods
  • Multi-Platform Scale Version Also Available
  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Optional Grain Dump Modules Available
  • Pit Installation
  • Stainless Steel Load Cells


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
10080-RSCA-200 100′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
552480-RSCA-20055’/24′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
6080-RSCA-20060′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
6680-RSCA-20066′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
7280-RSCA-20072′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
8080-RSCA-20080′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
H6080-RSCA-20060′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
H6680-RSCA-20066′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
H7280-RSCA-20072′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg
H8080-RSCA-20080′ x 10′540,000 lb/245,000 kg

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