Cardinal Pathway

Cardinal Scale’s Pathway mobile app provides all of the standard truck scale ID storage functions that are normally performed at the weight indicator directly to your smart phone. Pathway allows the power of the NTEP 825 Spectrum indicator’s weight display in a mobile device which allows truck drivers the efficiency and safety of remaining in their truck while weighing. Using Cardinal Scale’s S2WIFI or the customer’s wireless network for Wi-Fi connectivity, Pathway provides your truck scale operation with unattended weighing for a very minimal cost. E-mail or print detailed tickets come with up to 4 customized self-prompting IDs directly through your Android® or Apple® mobile device.



  • IDs: Up to 4 customized IDs
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Interface via standard TCP/IP to a wireless router or Cardinal Scale’s optional S2WIFI serial to Wi-Fi module
  • Availability: Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Ticket Fields: Time Stamp (In and Out), Ticket Number, Gross, Tare, Net, and 4 Customizable IDs
  • Indicator Compatibility: 825 Spectrum indicator (requires latest 825 update available on


  • Available for Android and Apple Devices
  • Email or Print Transactions Directly from a Smart Phone
  • Greatly Improves Driver Safety and Efficiency
  • Remote Control Operation of the 825 Indicator
  • Unattended Weighing Operations for Minimal Cost
  • Up to 4 Self-Prompting Truck Scale IDs
  • Virtually Unlimited IDs and Transactions


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PATHWAYMobile App, Truck Weights and ID Storage

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