Cardinal Olympus Concrete Deck Truck Scales with SST Hydraulic Load Cells


Cardinal Scale’s NTEP-legal-for-trade-certified Olympus SST series concrete deck low-profile side rail truck scales come with Guardian hydraulic load cells which are impervious against lightning strikes and water damage and come with a lifetime load cell warranty. Olympus vehicle scales are engineered and manufactured for ease of shipment to job sites around the world with bolt-together installation that will provide years of reliable, accurate truckload weighing. These 28-inch/70-cm-high, low-profile side rail scales are designed to minimize costs associated with delivery to job sites. Olympus truck scales bolt together for the field pouring of concrete. Guardian hydraulic SST load cells are severe-duty rated for protection against electrical surges, lightning, and water damage.



  • Overall Capacities: From 60 tons up to 100 tons standard
  • Concentrated Load Capacity: 30 tons
  • Platform Lengths: From 10 ft up to 100 ft long standard
  • Platform Widths: 10, 11, 12, and 14 ft widths available
  • Load Cells: Guardian hydraulic SST series compression stainless steel waterproof load cells
  • Load Cell Warranty: Lifetime
  • Paint: Baked-on, heavy-duty polyester anti-corrosion tan powder paint
  • Concrete: 8 in / 200 mm high pour-in-place concrete deck (concrete not included)
  • I-beam Guide Rail Height: 18 in / 455 mm high hip-style I-beam construction
  • Approvals: NTEP legal for trade certified
  • Includes: Foundation kit, standard rodent protection, checking, and bolt-down anchors. Rebar and deck sheeting is not included.
  • Other Load Cells Available to Choose From: Cardinal Scale model AC, DC, and SCBD load cells
  • Truck Scale Warranty: Standard 5-year bridge-and-below warranty
  • Country of Origin: USA


  • Side Rail Guidance for Driver, Truck, and Load Safety
  • NTEP Legal-for-Trade Certified up to 14 ft. Wide
  • Bolt-Together Design for Overseas Shipments
  • Standard Platform Lengths Available from 10 ft. up to 100 ft. Long
  • Standard Widths Available: 10, 11, 12, and 14 ft. Wide
  • Four Different Load Cell Types Available to Choose From
  • Available with Your Choice of Analog, Digital or Hydraulic Load Cells
  • Overall Scale Capacities Available Ranging from 60 Tons up to 100 Tons
  • Heavyweight 30-Ton Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)
  • Built-in I-beam Guide Rails
  • Pour-in-Place Concrete Deck Weighbridges
  • Long-Lasting Baked-On Tan Powder Coat Paint
  • Guardian Hydraulic SST Series Load Cells for Models Listed on this Page
  • Hydraulic Load Cells are Impervious Against Lightning Strikes, Water Damage, and Electrical Surges
  • Lifetime Load Cell Warranty
  • IP68 Waterproof Load Cell Rating
  • Easy Access to Load Cells
  • Stainless Steel Compression Load Cells
Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
1032350120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032351120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032352198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032353198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032354200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032355200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032356200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032357200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032358120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032359120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032360198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032361198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032362200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032363200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032364200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032365200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032366120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032367120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032368198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032369198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032370200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032371200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032372200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032373200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032374120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032375120,000 lb/55,000 kg
1032376198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032377198,000 lb/80,000 kg
1032378200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032379200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032380200,000 lb/90,000 kg
1032381200,000 lb/90,000 kg

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