Cardinal MT Retrofit Kits with DC Digital SmartCellsRetrofit Kits

Cardinal Scale’s PDX and MTX load cell kits may be used to retrofit Mettler Toledo™ PowerCell® digital load cells with Cardinal Scale SmartCell® DC series digital load cells. There is no junction box and no power at the scale needed with DC series digital load cells, offering you numerous advantages. These kits convert existing Mettler Toledo™ PowerCell® scales to SmartCell® DC digital load cells and give you access to iSite Cloud-based remote monitoring. The kits include NTEP and OIML legal-for-trade stainless steel, environmentally-sealed DC series digital load cells for years of trouble-free service. The anti-rotation system includes top and bottom cups that allow DC load cells to be interchangeable with Mettler Toledo™ PowerCell® digital load cells. The Cloud-based iSite remote monitoring software comes standard and offers e-mail and/or text alerts to authorized Cardinal Scale dealers, ensuring your scale is performing at all times during peak operations.


Plug-and-play digital load cell interconnect cables are included in the kits. They feature internal metal sheathing for rodent protection. The quick-connect cables form a watertight seal quickly and easily.

The top and bottom cups are CNC machined and precipitation hardened to a minimum of 40 Rockwell C to allow the integration of DC load cells into a scale that originally used a MTX or PDX load cell. These stainless steel cups maintain the effectiveness of Cardinal Scale’s anti-rotation mechanism while working with the MTX or PDX mounting arrangements.

Cardinal Scale’s patented software algorithm called SmartCal® allows a single technician to calibrate a scale by placing a test weight over each load cell only once. You simply move the test weight over a load cell, press a key, then repeat for the remaining load cells and you’ve calibrated the scale. This means one step: calibrate and trim in one pass!

The Cloud-based iSite remote monitoring software comes standard with all SmartCell-enabled scales and offers e-mail and/or text alerts to authorized Cardinal Scale dealers, ensuring your scale is performing at all times during peak operations. Cardinal Scale’s optional 225D Navigator weight indicator provides truck ID numbers and truck tares, plus diagnostic readouts onscreen for individual load cells connected to SmartCells.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 DC digital load cells
  • Top and bottom cups
  • 15 ft and 27 ft bundles of load cell interconnect cables
  • Load cell end terminator
  • Homerun cable terminator
  • iSite remote monitoring Cloud-based software


  • Capacity (Model DC-50K): 22,700 kg / 50,000 lb
  • Capacity (Model DC-100K): 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb
  • Cell Type: Digital compression load cell
  • Rated Output: Cardinal digital output
  • Protection Class: IP69K
  • Connectors: 5-Pin, M12 Male, A-Coding
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • NTEP Certification: 20-038
  • OIML Certification: R60/2000-GB1-17.18
  • Includes: iSite remote diagnostic monitoring software with e-mail and text alerts
  • Mounting: Extra robust upper and lower receiver cups
  • Min. Dead Load: 0%Ln
  • Service Load: 120%Ln
  • Safe Load Limit: 200% Rated Capacity
  • Accuracy Class: 4,000 n. OIML
  • Total Error: < ±0.013%Sn
  • Repeatability Error: < ±0.015%Sn
  • Temperature Effect on Zero: < ±0.01%Sn/5 °C
  • Temperature Effect on Sensitivity: < ±0.006 %Sn/5 °C
  • Creep Error: < ±0.012 %Sn
  • Input Voltage Range: 12 V – 24 V
  • Insulation Resistance: > 5000 MΩ
  • Maximum Deflection (at Ln): 0.6-1 mm
  • Temperature Compensation: -10 to +40˚C
  • Temperature Limits: -50 to +60˚C (OIML certified up to +40˚C)


  • Conversion kits for PDX and MTX load cells
  • No junction box required
  • No power to the scale is necessary
  • Stainless steel IP69K load cell protection rating
  • iSite Cloud-based remote monitoring convenience
  • Anti-rotation system with top and bottom cups
  • Interchangeable with Mettler Toledo™ PowerCell® digital load cells
  • Both PDX and MTX conversion kits available (see models on back page)
  • Stainless steel, environmentally-sealed load cells for years of trouble-free service
  • High-capacity vehicle weighing
  • Heavy-duty compression load cells with self-centering column
  • OIML and NTEP certified for international use
  • Hermetically-welded, protection class IP69K load cells
  • Rugged enclosure for protection from the elements
  • Extra-robust upper and lower cups for optimal weighbridge support and stability
  • Durable stainless steel construction that is built to last
  • Machined precision and precipitation hardened


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
DC-100K-MTX-10Retrofit Kits10 Cell
DC-100K-MTX-12Retrofit Kits12 Cell
DC-100K-MTX-4Retrofit Kits4 Cell
DC-100K-MTX-6Retrofit Kits6 Cell
DC-100K-MTX-8Retrofit Kits8 Cell
DC-100K-PDX-10Retrofit Kits10 Cell
DC-100K-PDX-12Retrofit Kits12 Cell
DC-100K-PDX-4Retrofit Kits4 Cell
DC-100K-PDX-6Retrofit Kits6 Cell
DC-100K-PDX-8Retrofit Kits8 Cell
DC-50K-MTX-10Retrofit Kits10 Cell
DC-50K-MTX-12Retrofit Kits12 Cell
DC-50K-MTX-4Retrofit Kits4 Cell
DC-50K-MTX-6Retrofit Kits6 Cell
DC-50K-MTX-8Retrofit Kits8 Cell
DC-50K-PDX-10Retrofit Kits10 Cell
DC-50K-PDX-12Retrofit Kits12 Cell
DC-50K-PDX-4Retrofit Kits4 Cell
DC-50K-PDX-6Retrofit Kits6 Cell
DC-50K-PDX-8Retrofit Kits8 Cell

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