Cardinal MCS Series, Dial


DETECTO’s MCS series hanging dial scales are built for commercial use in grocery store produce sections, farmers markets, butchers, and nut counters. DETECTO offers the MCS mechanical scale with a galvanized scoop and chains, bowl suspended by a steel bow, and also the dial by itself with two S-hooks. The large 8-inch-diameter dial is furnished with easy-to-read black graduations and numerals and a red knife pointer that indicates weight fast and accurately. The dial mechanism is protected by a clear lens while plastic housing eliminates dust and scratches. The MCS produce scale is offered in 20-lb and 40-lb capacities and includes two steel industrial-grade S-hooks (top and bottom). Double dials are available on some models, which offer viewing from either side of the dial. Designed for estimate weighing only (not legal for trade). Featured on TV’s “How It’s Made.”



  • Dial: 8-inch-diameter dial (either single or double revolution)
  • S-hooks: Two industrial-grade steel S-hooks included with each scale (top and bottom of dial)
  • Dial Dimensions (including S hook): 9.25 in W x 2 in D x 16.5 in H / 23.5 cm W x 5 cm D x 42 cm H
  • Galvanized Scoop Dimensions: 13.75 in W x 6.4 in D x 20.5 in H / 35 cm W x 16.3 cm D x 52 cm H
  • MCS-P Overall Dimensions (including S hook): 13.75 in W x 6.4 in D x 37 in H / 35 cm W x 16.3 cm D x 94 cm H
  • Bowl Dimensions (with 3 drainage holes): 13.75 in W x 4.5 in D x 17 in H / 35 cm W x 11.4 cm D x 43 cm H
  • MCS-F Overall Dimensions (including S hook): 13.75 in W x 4.5 in D x 33.5 in H / 35 cm W x 11.4 cm D x 85 cm H
  • Capacity: Either 20 lb or 40 lb, depending upon model
  • Accuracy: Either 1 oz or 2 oz, depending upon model
  • Optional: HS-STAND hanging scale stand, also manufactured by DETECTO
  • Zero Adjustment Screw: Located on the bottom of the dial
  • Double Dial: Available on some models, allows viewing from both sides of the scale
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • For Estimation Only: Not legal for trade
  • Please note that the H series models (MCS-20H, MCS-20DH, MCS-40H, MCS-40DH) cannot be used for weighing with the hook only and without a scoop or bowl due to how the scales are calibrated at the factory.


  • 20-lb and 40-lb Capacities
  • Accuracy Down to 1 oz
  • Available with Suspended Galvanized Scoop or Bowl
  • Dial Mechanism is Protected by the Lens
  • Double Dials Available for Viewing on Both Sides
  • Easy-to-Read Red Knife Pointer
  • Includes Two Steel S-Hooks (Top and Bottom)
  • Large 8-Inch-Diameter Dial
  • No Power Required
  • Reliable Produce Estimate Weighing
  • Temperature-Compensated Springs


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
MCS-20DF20 Lb
MCS-20DH20 Lb
MCS-20DP20 Lb
MCS-20F20 Lb
MCS-20H20 Lb
MCS-20P20 Lb
MCS-40DF40 Lb
MCS-40DH40 Lb
MCS-40DP40 Lb
MCS-40F40 Lb
MCS-40H40 Lb
MCS-40P40 Lb

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