Cardinal ICAN Intelligent J-Box

Cardinal’s diagnostic and monitoring system, iCan offers analog to digital conversion system for all analog load cell systems, new or retrofit. Real-time load cell diagnostics identifies load cell problems before they cause inaccurate weighing, so scale downtime is minimized. iCan works with any analog load cell; you’re not tied to a single source! Each iCan junction box supports up to eight load cells. For ten or more cells, interconnecting cable will be provided. NTEP legal-for-trade certified.



  • Power Requirements: 115 to 230 VAC 50/60 Hz at 1 ampere per junction box
  • Temperature Range: -13 to 104 ˚F (-25 to +40 ˚C)
  • Junction Box Connections: 2 AC Power, 8 load cell inputs, 2 fiber optic or copper wire
  • Junction Box Dimensions: 17 in W x 9 1/2 in D x 3 3/8 in H (432mm x 241mm x 88mm)
  • Sample Rate: 1 to 50 samples per second, selectable
  • Load Cells: Up to eight 350-ohm strain gauge load cells per box
  • Load Cell / Scale Capacity: Thirty-two 350-ohm load cells among up to 3 scales (8 load cells per box, maximum of four boxes)
  • Excitation Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Sensitivity (Non-Commercial): 0.15 uV/e
  • Sensitivity (NTEP): 0.3 uV/e (Class III/IIIL)
  • Sensitivity (Canada): 0.3 uV/e (Class III/IIIHD)
  • Sensitivity (OIML): 1.2 uV/e (Class III)
  • Scale Divisions (Non-Commercial): 240,000
  • Scale Divisions (NTEP): 10,000 (Class III/IIIL)
  • Scale Divisions (Canada): 10,000 (Class III/IIIHD)
  • Scale Divisions (OIML): 10,000 (Class III)
  • Internal Resolution: 1 part in 16,777,216
  • Transmission Distance: Plastic Fiber: Up to 300 feet (30 foot minimum); Glass Fiber: Up to 5,000 feet; Copper Wire: Up to 1,000 feet


  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • On-Board Diagnostic Displays
  • Real-Time Load Cell Diagnostics
  • Remote Monitoring of Scale Performance
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Transient Noise Isolation


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
225ICANP60 Key, Stainless Steel, iCanP
ICAN10G10 Cell, Glass
ICAN10P10 Cell, Plastic
ICAN12G12 Cell, Glass
ICAN12P12 Cell, Plastic
ICAN14G14 Cell, Glass
ICAN14P14 Cell, Plastic
ICAN4G4 Cell, Glass
ICAN4P4 Cell, Plastic
ICAN6G6 Cell, Glass
ICAN6P6 Cell, Plastic
ICAN8G8 Cell, Glass
ICAN8P8 Cell, Plastic
ICANWiCan Wireless Transceiver

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