Cardinal Enforcer Series


Cardinal Scale’s Enforcer series electronic floor scales are ideal for laundry cart weighing due to their smooth decks for accommodating roll-on carts. The FH-II series features stainless steel or mild steel scale decks, 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb and 2,000 lb x 0.5 lb capacities, top-side access to self-leveling load cells, baked-on polyester tan paint or stainless steel, channel construction for superior deck strength, and stainless steel load cells. Platform sizes are available in 3 x 3 ft, 4 x 4 ft, and 5 x 5 ft. Optional ramps, pit frames, and digital weight indicators are available. Forklift runners are available for moving the scale more easily. Non legal for trade.



  • Capacities Available: 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb or 2,000 lb x 0.5 lb
  • Platform Sizes Available: 3 x 3 ft, 4 x 4 ft, and 5 x 5 ft
  • Platform Height: 3.4 in
  • Scale Construction: Mild steel
  • Paint: Anti-corrosion baked-on polyester tan paint
  • Deck: Smooth deck surface
  • Load Cells: Stainless steel potted load cells
  • Options: Smooth deck ramps, pit frames, and digital weight indicators


  • Baked-on Polyester Tan Paint
  • Channel Construction for Superior Deck Strength
  • Forklift Runner Available for Moving the Scale
  • Mild or Stainless Steel Platforms
  • Smooth Deck for Roll-on Carts
  • Stainless Steel Load Cells
  • Top Side Access to Self-Leveling and Adjustable Height Load Cells


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
FH-133-II3′ x 3′, 1,000 Lb
FH-133-IIS3′ x 3′, 1,000 Lb
FH-144-II4′ x 4′, 1,000 Lb
FH-144-IIS4′ x 4′, 1,000 Lb
FH-155-II5′ x 5′, 1,000 Lb
FH-155-IIS5′ x 5′, 1,000 Lb
FH-233-II3′ x 3′, 2,000 Lb
FH-233-IIS3′ x 3′, 2,000 Lb
FH-244-II4′ x 4′, 2,000 Lb
FH-244-IIS4′ x 4′, 2,000 Lb
FH-255-II5′ x 5′, 2,000 Lb
FH-255-IIS5′ x 5′, 2,000 Lb

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