Cardinal DP Series Digital Precision Balance Scales

DETECTO’s DP series digital precision balance scales are ideal for soil testing, aggregates and asphalt, foodservice weighing, and inventory parts counting. The DP series feature accuracy to 50 milligrams, 13 in x 10 in / 330 mm x 260 mm stainless steel platform, RS232 serial port for printer output, counting mode, 17 different units of measure, built-in rechargeable battery included, nearly one-inch-high (23-mm-high) bold digits with blue backlight, and they are intuitive and easy to use. The stainless steel tray size is 13 in W x 10.2 in D (330 mm W x 260 mm D) and the overall scale dimensions are 13 in W x 15.4 in D x 3.5 in H (330 mm W x 390 mm D x 90 mm H). They can be used for weighing high-volume or heavy samples with a high degree of accuracy, chemicals and powders in laboratories (with 50-100 mg precision), ingredients for recipe making, baking, and soap making.



    Capacity and Division Value

  • DP-15000: 15,000 g x 0.05 g
  • DP-30000: 30,000 g x 0.1 g
  • Weight Display: Seven-digit, seven segment LCD, 0.9-inch (23 mm) high digits with blue backlight
  • Functions: Weight, Counting
  • Keys: ON/OFF, TARE, ZERO, SMPL (Sample), CAL (Calibration), UNIT, and PRINT
  • Units of Measure: grams, kilograms, metric carats, avoirdupois pounds, avoirdupois ounces, troy ounces, avoirdupois drams, grains, penny weight, mommes, hong kong jewelry taels, taels, hong kong taels, singapore taels, tolas, mesghais, and ticals
  • Communication Interface: RS232 (6.6 ft/2 m cable included)
  • Power Requirements: Built-in rechargeable battery (6V DC/1.3 Ah) or 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz 12V DC 1000 mA wall plug-in UL/CSA listed AC power adapter
  • Battery Length: 6V DC, 1.3 Ah built-in rechargeable battery can operate for up to 20 hours of continuous use with a fully charged battery
  • Tare: 100% of scale capacity
  • Enclosure Type: SUS304 stainless steel body and tray Polycarbonate display
  • Shipping Weight: 22 lb (10 kg)
  • Dimensions: 13 in W x 15.4 in D x 3.5 in H (330 mm W x 390 mm D x 90 mm H)
  • Tray Size: 13 in W x 10.2 in D (330 mm W x 260 mm D)
  • Operating Environment

  • Temperature Range: 50 to 104 ºF (10 ºC to 40 ºC)
  • Humidity: 40 to 85%
  • Storage Environment

  • Temperature Range: 50 ºF to 86 ºF (10 ºC to 30 ºC)
  • Humidity: 0 to 95%
  • UPC Codes

  • DP-15000: 809161329100
  • DP-30000: 809161329209


  • Accuracy to 50 milligrams
  • 13 in x 10 in / 330 mm x 260 mm stainless steel platform
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • RS232 serial port for printer output
  • Counting mode
  • 17 different units of measure
  • Nearly one-inch-high (23-mm-high) bold digits with blue backlight
  • Built-in rechargeable battery included


Part NumberSizeTypeCapacity
DP-1500015,000 g x 0.05 g, 13 in x 10 in Platform
DP-3000030,000 g x 0.1 g, 13 in x 10 in Platform

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