Beltway Integrator

Belt-Way Scale’s integrator offers an array of options for ease of use for belt scale operations. Belt-Way’s integrator is easy to install, easy to calibrate, and features a robust design that keeps the integrator calibrated for long periods of time. Belt-Way’s integrator features Dynamic Tare and Clear Weight Adjustment; Automatic Zero Adjustment; Flow Rate displays featuring Tons/Hour, Lbs/Hour, Kgs/Hour, and Tonnes/Hour; and Resettable and Non-Resettable Totals. Belt-Way’s integrator communicates via Ethernet, and offers optional Analog and Digital Output. The integrator’s easy-to-use design and rugged durability provides end-users with durable, accurate, and repeatable performance.



  • Calibration: Automatic tare weight determination, dynamic test and recalibration, automatic zero adjustment
  • Alarms: Load Cell Failure, Belt Speed Zero, Optional process alarms such as low and high rate, speed, load, etc.
  • Communications and Printer: ModbusTCP; Optional: Allen-Bradley; RS485, RS232, USB
  • Field Mount Housing: Dimensions: 22.5 x 16.5 x 13.5 cm (8.8 x 6.48 x 5.3 in), Protection: IP 65 Equivalent
  • Display: Large color graphic display with multi-language support
  • Electrical Ratings: 12-30 VDC, 24 VDC 2.25a Max
  • Operating Temp.: -20°C to +45°C (-4°F to +113°F)
  • Load Cell Inputs: Supports eight independent load cell inputs
  • Memory: 1,080 hours of internal memory storage
  • Online Reporting: Each Integrator is equipped to connect to Plant Connect


  • Push-Button Dynamic Tare and Clear Weight Adjustment
  • Automatic Zero Adjustment
  • Four Flow Rate Display Options
  • Total Can Be Resettable or Non-Resettable
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Optional Analog and Digital Output
  • Durable Design
  • Highly Accurate
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Calibration

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