B-Tek HRCS High Resolution


Ideal for precision counting/weighing in a rugged environment where durability is a must. The HRCS can function as a high-resolution counting scale, high-resolution check weighing scale, or a high-resolution standalone bench scale.

  • Counting Application – Easily count parts through dribble technique, bulk box count or PLU piece weigh
  • Checkweighing Application – Weigh within extremely tight tolerances
  • General Weighing – Unmatched accuracy with 1 billion internal counts
  • Overload Protection – Place up to 10x the capacity without worry of damaging the scale
  • Expandable – Add software efficiencies with PLU database, stack light alarm and key pad

The HRCS (High-Resolution Counting Scale) offers unmatched repeatability and accuracy, utilizing state-of-the-art digital Quartzell technology to create 1 billion internal counts, weighing objects as light as 10 mg. It can be set up as a high-resolution counting scale, high-resolution check weighing scale or a high-resolution standalone bench scale.

The extremely durable aluminum die-cast base and robust internal design offer an overload protection level of 1100%, providing peace of mind that the scale will operate as intended for years to come. The HRCS offers laboratory precision for the industrial environment.


  • Non-NTEP
  • Standard capacities: 2, 10, 70 and 175 lb
  • *1, 5, 25, 50 and 100 lb capacities available through custom setup. Requires part number 825-300199 to configure and calibrate.
  • 1 billion internal count resolution using the high accuracy of the Quartzell transducer
  • Aluminum die-cast clamshell base with 1100% overload and shock protection
  • Available applications:
  • Counting application with 40 PLU piece weight data storage (keypad required)
  • Checkweighing
  • High Resolution Balance for general weighing
  • Stainless steel weighing platter with adjustable feet
  • Backlit display with seven 0.5 inch segments
  • Units: lb, kg, g, oz, and custom
  • Ports: (2) Serial, (1) Ethernet, (3) Inputs and (3) Outputs
  • (2) RS232 serial ports (green connector)
  • (1) Mini USB VCP port: connected in parallel with COM2 or consumes COM2 if used
  • (1) Ethernet port (local base: client or server. Dual base: server only)
  • (1) Analog port (green connector) only active when optional 5V analog card is fitted
  • (1) Side RJ45 connector dedicated for remote keyboard only
  • (1) 9V DC power socket to allow the base or indicator to be powered from the DC socket on the rear of the base or directly from the rear of the indicator

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